About the Placeright® platform

Placeright (formerly viCPlace) is a secure, web-based information system that provides a standard, consistent and secure mechanism for managing student placements between placement providers and their education provider partners. It is funded by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and has been developed through close consultation with stakeholders.

Since its release in 2011, Placeright has grown steadily to support over 4,500 users at more than 300 organisations, including all 88 Victorian public health services and 86 education providers across Australia.

No download required

Placeright® is a secure web-based platform, accessible with an internet connection. No downloads or installations are required.

What are the benefits of using Placeright?

Placeright aligns with the natural workflow of placement planning, coordination and delivery through a user friendly interface.

Using Placeright can assist health services to ensure optimal learning environments for students, meet OH&S obligations, and to inform future staff recruitment.

User Friendly Interface

Supporting placement planning and partnerships

  • Secure customisable individual logins
  • Encrypted sharing of student information
  • Streamlined communication through a shared record of placement negotiations and forums
  • Common access to accurate and reportable data
  • Automated generation of rosters for students and staff
  • Visual planners to view bookings and availability at a glance
  • Historical records of activity to support planning and executive reporting
Graphical view of annual bookings Annual Booking Graph Screenshot